Are you SBF intern material?

An internship at Spoor Bunch Franz will give you a taste of the industry, teach you key skills, and help you acclimate to your chosen profession, as you are treated as a valued member of the team.

An internship at Spoor Bunch Franz can be the jumping-off point of a great career at SBF or in the broader accounting field. We are looking for interns to be part of our Summer Leadership Program, which is scheduled to begin September 25, and for next year’s spring internship program.

When University of South Florida student Edward (“Eddie”) Zurita was looking for an internship, he had specific criteria in mind. His goal: find a firm where he would fit in and where he’d have a future as more than just a seasonal intern. “SBF had the best first impression by far. They were much more welcoming and friendlier than most firms,” said Eddie, who will graduate next year.

SBF interns do not get coffee or file paperwork; they receive extensive coaching and work on real client accounting work. Before they dive into projects for clients, however, interns participate in trainings on specific tasks in each department, complete practice projects, and meet with their individual coaches, who will assist in training throughout their internship.

Eddie’s coach during his internship was his coworker Doug, and his mentor was SBF partner W.G. Spoor. “The culture is phenomenal,” Eddie said. “I couldn’t imagine working for any other company when it comes to how the partners lead and how willing the rest of my co-workers are to teach and make sure everyone is taken care of. It’s very team-first-oriented and doesn’t leave anyone behind.”

Eddie has fit in so well and become such an asset to the firm that his internship was extended. “They really give you the opportunity to take on any task and provide you with guidance along the entire way,” he said. “I have done tax work ranging from 1040s to business returns and have done client accounting service work as well.”

We expect SBF’s next cohort of interns to work in the office, but the situation with COVID-19 in Florida is rapidly changing, and we have been putting processes in place to ensure that our work remains high-quality and our team culture stays positive no matter where we work.

SBF recently gave a presentation for the University of Tampa about how to stay motivated and connected while working remotely, and we are committed to ensuring that our entire team feels supported during this tough time.

Eddie’s advice for those considering SBF for their internships is simple: “You should give this opportunity your all, because the firm will return that and then some.”

If you know someone who is ready for an accounting internship and would be a good fit for one of Tampa Bay’s Top Workplaces, send them this blog post and encourage them to reach out to me at for more information.

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