Word around the water cooler.

  1. Employee Retention Credit extended (5 things you should know)

    The IRS guidance released this week clarifies changes included in the American Rescue Plan.

  2. Should you start a business? 7 steps to evaluating your idea

    In the pandemic economy, entrepreneurs are still starting businesses all over the country. Before you dive in, check out our steps to evaluating your business idea.

  3. 35 Million: The total backlog of tax returns the IRS had at the end of tax season

    The Internal Revenue Service has released a midyear report to Congress that details a significant backlog of tax returns dating back to the end of tax filing season, and many of those returns have yet to be processed.

  4. Here’s how long you should keep your tax returns and receipts

    It’s tempting to toss out all your old documents once you’ve safely filed your tax return and received your refund or made your payment, but it’s important to keep your records for three years (and longer in some circumstances).

  5. SBF’s Summer Leadership Program: It’s a day packed with fun, food and an intro into the world of professional accounting.

    Each year, we select a group of promising accounting students to join us for a day of learning about SBF and the accounting profession.

  6. The child tax credit arrives this week: What you need to know.

    Millions of families will see hundreds of dollars hit their bank accounts this week. Here are our answers to frequently asked questions about the Advance Child Tax Credit.

  7. Though it’s safe to return to the office, our new policy allows some remote work to continue

    Our new work-from-home policy is designed for flexibility, however our team is eager to return to the office

  8. Florida’s new sales tax law has big implications for commercial real estate

    SB 50 requires out-of-state retailers to collect and remit sales tax, and these funds will allow the state to decrease a tax on businesses.

  9. W.G. Spoor reflects on the value and impact of FICPA after a year as chair

    As W.G. Spoor’s term as the FICPA chair ends, he reflects on the organization’s accomplishments over the past year.

  10. Why would a pharmaceutical company struggle in a pandemic? How Bravado Pharmaceuticals weathered the pandemic.

    We spoke to Brian McMillan, the founder of Bravado Pharmaceuticals, about how the company got through its challenges in its first year and why he's so optimistic about the future.

  11. How are Stock Options Taxed?

    Knowing the difference between the types of stock options is essential when it comes to figuring out how to pay taxes on them. Here’s a primer.

  12. Here’s What Happened in the World of Small Business in May 2021

    If you’ve been focused on your business reopening (or if you're on that first vacation in over a year!) you might have missed these five things happening in the world of small business.

  13. Why is your tax refund delayed?

    Your refund may be delayed for several reasons, including a short-staffed IRS. Here’s what to do if you’re still waiting on your refund.

  14. What’s in the Biden Tax Plan?

    It’s been clear since the presidential campaign that a Biden presidency could mean big changes to the tax code. Here’s a roundup of what he’s proposing.

  15. What is wealth management? (And is it something that would help you?)

    Wealth management can help a family navigate their financial journey, including financial planning, investment management, estate/legacy planning, and tax strategies.

  16. SBF ranks #1 Best Places to Work!

    How do you create a great company culture? Three local Best Places to Work leaders weigh in on how to build and sustain a great workplace culture, even during a pandemic.

  17. 7 Tax Tips for Business Owners Who Don’t Want to Leave Money on the Table

    This April, maybe you’re kicking yourself for not thinking about taxes earlier, and not working with your accountant to find ways to reduce your business’ tax liability.

  18. What is Outsourced Accounting? 8 Questions Business Owners Have About Switching to Outsourced Accounting

    You got into business to create products you believe in or provide services you are skilled with, not to spend hours poking through QuickBooks.

  19. For the Second Time, SBF is a Tampa Bay Times Top Workplace

    SBF has moved up two spots to No. 2 in the annual list of Tampa Bay’s best places to work, based on employee surveys.

  20. PPP Deadline Extended to May 31

    There’s still time for businesses (and sole proprietors) to apply for Paycheck Protection Program loans.

  21. Facing a wave of unemployment fraud, what should you do?

    Since the start of the pandemic, fraudulent unemployment claims have exploded, and it’s estimated that more than $63 billion has been paid out improperly.

  22. Comprehensive COVID-19 Relief Package Passed

    The American Rescue Plan Act, the third coronavirus relief package signed since the start of the pandemic, has help for small businesses and individuals.

  23. How Joto’s Pizza Pulled Together to Keep Serving the Community

    Joto’s Pizza has continued to serve its community for 47 years, and even the pandemic hasn’t stopped them.

  24. New PPP Rules to Help the Smallest Businesses

    Businesses with fewer than 20 employees will be the only businesses allowed to apply for PPP funding for a two-week period.

  25. What did the GameStop frenzy mean for investors? The background and fallout of the year’s biggest stock story

    If you followed the GameStop stock story, you probably have a lot of questions about how it affects your investment future.

  26. COVID-19 Relief Package Contained A Big Win for Affordable Housing Advocates

    Low-Income Housing Tax Credits are a major boost to affordable housing developers, and the new COVID-19 relief package made a favorable change to how those credits are calculated.

  27. Your CPA, Wealth Advisor, and Attorney Should Be Talking To Each Other. A Q&A About Our Integrated Services Approach

    Our partnership with Spoor Law and Sagace Wealth means that higher net worth clients can benefit from all three services working together. We’ve asked Dodd Disler of Sagace Wealth, Rusty Spoor of Spoor Law, and Steve Bunch of SBF to answer some questions on this approach.

  28. SBF Partner Steve Bunch: “I feel like a good portion of my job is making sure that people matter most at SBF”

    In the third feature in our series, “Getting to Know SBF,” meet SBF partner Steve Bunch.

  29. PPP Loan Forgiveness Update: Simpler Form, New Rules

    Applying for forgiveness for your PPP loan is now a lot easier, and there’s also other good news about your loan, tax credits, and other changes.

  30. What is Affordable Housing? Addressing the Big Misconceptions

    We are facing an affordable housing crisis in our country, and in order to address it, we must fully understand the facts about affordable housing.

  31. Selling Your Business? What You Need to Know in 2021.

    A Q&A on Wealth Transition and Succession Planning.

  32. New PPP Funding Available: What You Need to Know

    Billions of dollars are available to new and previous PPP borrowers, with a new set of conditions.

  33. Employee Retention Credit Extended and Expanded (Yes, Even if You Received a PPP loan)

    The ERC lets businesses get paid back for wages they paid to employees during the pandemic. Ignoring the ERC could leave thousands (or more) on the table.

  34. 2021 Investment Outlook: A Q&A with Sagace Wealth CEO Dodd Disler

    Now is a good time to think about investment opportunities in 2021 as the economy recovers from the pandemic, and Sagace Wealth has advice for investors.

  35. 5 Ways to Finance Affordable Housing Developments (Other Than LIHTC)

    From community trusts to grants to loans, there are many ways to fund an affordable housing development that have nothing to do with tax credits (or can be combined with LIHTC).

  36. With New PPP Funds Available, Here’s What You Need to Know

    Congress struck a compromise on a new round of COVID-19 relief funding. Here’s what you need to know about what the package includes.

  37. At our firm-wide retreat, #PeopleMatterMost

    Spending time getting to know one another and bonding as a team is important to us, even when we can’t be in the same room. This year, we used technology to make our annual retreat happen virtually.

  38. What is cost certification? 7 things affordable housing developers need to know.

    Not planning for the cost certification process can significantly delay your affordable housing project. Here are the key things you need to know about cost certification, which is the process of determining exactly how much money was spent on development and construction.

  39. 12 Tips for Dealing with Debt and Getting Financially Organized for 2021

    Maybe you had no choice but to amass debt to deal with the challenges of 2020, or maybe you let your financial habits slide this year. No matter what, we have tips to get you back on track.

  40. More than 6,000 Affordable Housing Units Created in 2019 with Historic Tax Credits

    The National Park Service’s Annual Report shows investment and progress in the creation of affordable housing units using historic tax credits.

  41. How is Bitcoin taxed? And other key questions about cryptocurrency

    Cryptocurrency has gotten a lot more accessible, but the IRS still has a lot to do to catch up. Here’s our primer on cryptocurrency.

  42. How a St. Pete Event Design Company is Designing Its Path Forward

    Business with in-person events was booming at Foo Dog Productions before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. But with lessons learned from previous economic downturns and quick adaptations to digital services, Foo Dog is thriving even during the pandemic.

  43. A Guide to Tax Credits for Affordable Housing

    Here’s a Spoor Bunch Franz primer on tax credits for affordable housing - how they work, how they stack, and how they not only boost housing affordability, but can also stimulate the economy and create jobs.

  44. Seven Things We’re Doing to Keep Employee Engagement Up During the Pandemic

    Our team works hard and supports one another. We don’t want to lose that engagement during the pandemic, so we’ve taken steps to encourage staff to interact socially, share ideas, and continue building our culture.

  45. Real Estate Professionals Foresee a Huge Shift in Work Flexibility

    The demand for more flexibility and more remote work could change the landscape for commercial real estate and affordable housing, according to a new report from the Urban Land Institute

  46. What do you do when your business has a cash flow problem?

    Even profitable businesses suffer from cash flow issues. Here are some common causes for cash flow problems and seven actions you can take to solve them.

  47. How the Election Could Impact Affordable Housing

    The next four years will be critical for affordable housing policy, and whoever wins in November will have big decisions to make. Julie Lawrence’s analysis on GlobeSt.com breaks down what’s at stake for housing policy in the presidential election.

  48. Affordable Housing and COVID-19: A Round-Up of Recent News

    Every problem caused by a lack of affordable housing, and every solution designed to address the issue, has been affected by COVID-19.

  49. How We’re Giving Back to Our Community During COVID-19

    Community outreach is a key part of our culture, and we’ve missed being able to get together to volunteer. So, we’re finding ways to give back while staying safe.

  50. SBF Partner Rich Franz: “We have a culture of change momentum”

    In this second feature in our series, “Getting to Know SBF,” meet SBF Partner Richard B. Franz III.

  51. How Wealthy Taxpayers Might Prepare for Changes in Tax Policy After the November Election: A Primer

    Both President Trump and Former Vice President Biden have been clear about what the future might hold for tax policy, and taxpayers with significant wealth might be starting to prepare. We created a primer to help these individuals prepare for possible changes.

  52. How to Receive Payments in QuickBooks Online

    Receiving payments from your business’ customers should be easy and pleasant. To make the process easier, here are three ways to receive payments via QuickBooks Online.

  53. Taxes 101: Avoiding costly penalties

    Everyone is aware that if you don’t pay your taxes on time, you can face penalties. But lateness is not the only situation that can cause you to rack up penalties. We’ve summarized the 14 most common penalties and how to avoid them.

  54. What is a payroll tax holiday? And more FAQs about the new executive order.

    President Trump is deferring payroll taxes. What does that mean for individuals and employers? We answer some of the biggest questions you may have about the new policy.

  55. PPP Loan Forgiveness – Why It Might Be Smart to Wait

    The federal government is still sorting out the rules for PPP loan forgiveness, and you may save yourself some work if you wait until more has been decided.

  56. Hiring New Employees During the COVID-19 Crisis

    Spoor Bunch Franz is growing, and we’re modifying our hiring process while maintaining our culture.

  57. Reopening during the pandemic: How local Massage Envy locations are making it work

    We spoke to Steve Plattner, who owns six Massage Envy locations in the Tampa Bay area, about how they’re adapting to the pandemic and why he’s optimistic about the future.

  58. SBF is a Tampa Bay Chamber Small Business of the Year Finalist

    Spoor Bunch Franz is honored to be among Tampa Bay’s top small businesses and looks forward to the announcement of the winners this fall.

  59. How can I get my PPP loan forgiven?

    The SBA recently released information about the process for getting loans forgiven. The Loan Forgiveness Platform is set to open August 10. Here’s what you need to know.

  60. What You Need to Know About Investing in an Opportunity Zone

    Tax incentives may make investing in an opportunity zone tempting, but is it right for you? We have answers to your questions.

  61. Is outsourced accounting for you?

    To help you decide whether outsourced accounting would work for your business, we’ve compiled answers to some frequently asked questions

  62. SBF Partner W.G. Spoor: “I love change. I’m a change agent.”

    In this first feature in our new series, “Getting to Know SBF,” meet SBF Partner W.G. Spoor.

  63. Taxes are Due July 15: What You Need to Know

    For businesses or individuals who took advantage of the automatic extension granted by the IRS during the COVID-19 emergency, the July 15 deadline is fast approaching.

  64. Are you SBF intern material?

    An internship at Spoor Bunch Franz will give you a taste of the industry, teach you key skills, and help you acclimate to your chosen profession, as you are treated as a valued member of the team.

  65. There’s never been a more important time to take a holistic view of your financial future

    The COVID-19 crisis has led many of our clients to seek help with investments and estate planning in addition to working with us on their accounting needs.

  66. More Flexibility for Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness and Payroll Tax Deferral

    The PPP Flexibility Act greatly increases the likelihood that a large percentage of a borrower’s PPP loan will be forgiven. The forgiveness application was just released, and while we can begin preparation, finalization should wait until the end of the 24 week period covered by the loan.

  67. PPP forgiveness changes coming as Senate passes House bill last night

    We’ve been waiting for more guidance on PPP forgiveness and finally some decisions were made.

  68. Four things the 4th Street Shrimp Store in St. Petersburg, FL is doing to stay afloat

    Businesses that can adapt, communicate, and stay connected stand the best chance of making it through this crisis

  69. Creating a “New Normal” in our Tampa Bay Office

    How our Accounting teams are transitioning back to the office in St Petersburg, FL and creating new procedures for keeping staff safe.

  70. Three Tips for Small Business Owners

    SBF partner Steve Bunch has advised countless small business owners during the COVID-19 crisis. In this quick video, he gives three key tips based on that experience.

  71. SBF is the #1 best place to work

    Another honor for SBF’s culture comes from the Tampa Bay Business Journal

  72. PPP Loan Forgiveness Update – We’re Still Waiting

    After congress passed the second round of funding for PPP loan program, we’ve seen an increase in the number of businesses to receive funding through the program.

  73. Small Business PPP Loan Update

    For the past weeks, our firm has been closely monitoring the ever-evolving Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), its funding (or lack thereof), and the details surrounding the forgiveness of loan proceeds.

  74. Our Team is Staying Connected

    How playing “social hour” trivia on Zoom is helping us maintain team spirit

  75. Don’t wait to file your tax return

    Yes, tax deadline was moved, but there are advantages to filing sooner

  76. SBF is a Top Workplace

    Our internal communication, flexibility, mentoring, and office culture are highlighted in the Tampa Bay Times’ annual list of Tampa Bay’s top workplaces

  77. Affordable Housing Updates

    What the affordable housing industry needs to know about the recent federal updates.

  78. Paycheck Protection Program

    What every small business needs to know and how to start preparing

  79. President Trump signs into law CARES Act

    On March 27, 2020, President Trump signed into law the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, which provides relief to taxpayers affected by COVID-19. We have summarized the top provisions in the new legislation below, with more detailed alerts on individual provisions to follow.

  80. We’re open

    Like so many of our clients, the majority of the SBF team is working from home following the precautions set forth by the CDC.

  81. It is time to pick ourselves up off the mat and fight back, SBF can help…

    Across the world, many have felt the anxiety and fear that has spread over the uncertainly with this virus, but we cannot lay down forever. We are about to see the best of America and the rest of the world…

  82. Families First Coronavirus Response Act

    The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) was signed into law on Wednesday March 18, 2020. The new law includes paid sick leave for employees impacted by COVID-19 and those serving as caregivers for individuals with COVID-19. The legal obligations will be effective 15 days from the date it was signed - so plan for it to take effective on April 2.

  83. Federal loans available to small businesses due to COVID-19

    The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is offering low-interest federal disaster loans for working capital to small businesses suffering substantial economic injury as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

  84. An update for our clients…

    The information below is up to date as of the afternoon of March 18, 2020. We anticipate future announcements and guidance from the Federal government and the IRS. We will send out future correspondence with any updates as they become available.

  85. We continue to work hard on clients’ behalf, while taking steps to protect against COVID-19

    Like all of you, we are monitoring the latest news about the coronavirus and adjusting our daily activities to reduce the possibility of spreading COVID-19. With confirmed cases in the west-central Florida areas we serve, we are being especially cautious.

  86. SBF’s membership in BDO Alliance USA helps firm’s clients

    Since Spoor Bunch Franz joined the BDO Alliance USA, a nationwide association of independently owned local and regional accounting, consulting and service firms, the firm has seen immediate results with how the Alliance can help us in our client work.

  87. Retirement and 529 Plans

    What you need to know about changes to retirement and 529 plans.

  88. Smart Tax Tips For 2020

    Follow these tips to help avoid a heavy tax burden this year.

  89. SBF Offers Some Perks to Make Things Easier

    The start of a new year marks the beginning of our busiest time at Spoor Bunch Franz.