Word around the water cooler.

  1. What’s changed in 50 years of accounting and business?

    Our partners sat down with Ed Bunch and Gordon Spoor to ask — from technology to philosophy, what changed and what stayed the same?

  2. Longtime Tampa firm Dwight Darby to merge into SBF

    The move will allow SBF to better serve its Tampa clients and accommodate its Tampa-based staff.

  3. How to Use QuickBooks’ New Customer Groups

    You can now create groups of customers and automate the process of sending payment reminders.

  4. How St. Pete’s 4th Street Shrimp Store is still adapting to change

    Businesses had to make big changes in 2020 to stay afloat. How are they managing now?

  5. Big change may be ahead for real estate investors: The Biden Administration wants to limit 1031 exchanges

    It’s common for real estate investors to immediately invest profits from a sale into a new property to defer taxes, but that may all be changing due to a proposed change in the tax code.

  6. Check out our new nonprofit accounting digest!

    We’re excited about our first edition of a quarterly newsletter highlighting the latest trends in the industry of nonprofit accounting.