Word around the water cooler.

  1. Benefits of Qualified Opportunity Funds Waning

    An investment in a QOF gives a taxpayer 3 potential tax benefits (one of which has expired).

  2. SBF’s Knoxville Office Is Growing Fast

    One team member’s idea has blossomed into a six-person office in an up-and-coming business community.

  3. Roundup of Individual Tax Changes For 2023

    Two recently passed pieces of tax legislation have brought about several tax changes for 2023 that may affect you. The legislation includes the Inflation Reduction Act and the Secure 2.0 Act.

  4. Don’t Ignore Household Employee Payroll Tax Rules

    Hiring domestic help to perform services in or around your home can bring about tax liabilities that you might not be aware of.

  5. How Employee Stock Options Are Taxed

    Employee stock options are a common incentive offered by companies to attract and retain key employees. However, the tax treatment of these options can be complicated.

  6. Why Quality Bookkeeping Matters

    If you had to make a list of all the things that most business owners hate, taking care of accounting and other financial matters is probably right at the top.