Word around the water cooler.

  1. How to Receive Payments in QuickBooks Online

    It’s more enjoyable than paying your bills. Here are three ways to process incoming money from customers.

  2. Tampa Bay Business Journal Names SBF a Best Place to Work for Fifth Year in a Row

    It’s an honor tied to an employee survey, which makes it especially meaningful to us.

  3. What You Can Learn About Running a Business From Henry Ford

    If you had to make a list of people who changed the world essentially just by existing, Henry Ford’s name would likely be on it.

  4. Are you worried you won’t have enough money saved for retirement?

    All of us dream of one day being able to retire – to finally be able to relax and enjoy the lifestyle we worked so hard for. However, you’ll need a significant amount of money to do it, which is where a lot of Americans begin to worry.

  5. What the Secure 2.0 Act May Do for Your Retirement Plans

    Individuals and business owners will see new provisions that may make saving easier and more fruitful.

  6. Julie Moore named SBF Partner

    We’re excited to add first homegrown tax leader Julie Moore to our partner group.