Word around the water cooler.

  1. Do you offer employees a benefit plan?

    Here are 6 things you need to know (with key deadlines approaching!).

  2. At our 2021 firm-wide retreat, we talked teamwork, burnout, and goals (in person!)

    Every year, we get together at a firm-wide retreat to get to know one another better, bond as a group, and empower our team to grow as people, not just employees. Last year, the pandemic forced our staff retreat to be online only, but this year we were able to get back to meeting face-to-face…

  3. 12 strategies you can still do to lessen your 2021 tax burden

    From buying an electric car to selling stock, here are some possible ways to save money by planning ahead and acting quickly before the end of 2021.

  4. The Employee Retention Credit may end early. Here are three things business owners can do now.

    Congress is debating whether to end the ERC early, which could create a budgeting headache for business owners. Here are three things to consider.

  5. Should you prepare for tax hikes? A comparison of the House tax plans with the Treasury Green Book

    Making sense of the current tax proposals is a full-time job. To keep you up to date, we’ve summarized the key provisions of the House plan and the Treasury Green Book.

  6. Jim Kleinsorge – First Choice Investigations and Consulting

    First Choice Investigations offers comprehensive civil investigations, including doing social media searches, conducting surveillance, locating people, running background checks, and testifying at trials. Founder Jim Kleinsorge, a retired police officer, started using Spoor Bunch Franz’ services and advice in 2018 when his business began growing exponentially.