Word around the water cooler.

  1. How Joto’s Pizza Pulled Together to Keep Serving the Community

    Joto’s Pizza has continued to serve its community for 47 years, and even the pandemic hasn’t stopped them.

  2. New PPP Rules to Help the Smallest Businesses

    Businesses with fewer than 20 employees will be the only businesses allowed to apply for PPP funding for a two-week period.

  3. What did the GameStop frenzy mean for investors? The background and fallout of the year’s biggest stock story

    If you followed the GameStop stock story, you probably have a lot of questions about how it affects your investment future.

  4. COVID-19 Relief Package Contained A Big Win for Affordable Housing Advocates

    Low-Income Housing Tax Credits are a major boost to affordable housing developers, and the new COVID-19 relief package made a favorable change to how those credits are calculated.

  5. Your CPA, Wealth Advisor, and Attorney Should Be Talking To Each Other. A Q&A About Our Integrated Services Approach

    Our partnership with Spoor Law and Sagace Wealth means that higher net worth clients can benefit from all three services working together. We’ve asked Dodd Disler of Sagace Wealth, Rusty Spoor of Spoor Law, and Steve Bunch of SBF to answer some questions on this approach.

  6. SBF Partner Steve Bunch: “I feel like a good portion of my job is making sure that people matter most at SBF”

    In the third feature in our series, “Getting to Know SBF,” meet SBF partner Steve Bunch.