Word around the water cooler.

  1. Setting yourself up for success later in life should start early in your career.

    Early-career workers have a lot of anxiety about the future, but one of the best ways to stay secure is to invest in your retirement fund early.

  2. What Our Merger Taught Us About Building a Great Office Culture

    SBF welcomed longtime firm Dwight Darby to our ranks earlier this year. Here’s what we’ve learned from each other about honoring tradition and creating our future together.

  3. Your Accountant Should Be Involved with Your Hurricane Prep

    Hurricane season is ramping up in Florida, and while generators and sandbags are crucial when the storm hits, you should be sure your finances are in order, too.

  4. The Top Cash Flow Tips That Medical Practices Need to Follow

    Getting a hold of your practice’s cash flow situation may be difficult, but it certainly isn’t impossible – provided that you’re able to keep a few key issues top of mind.

  5. Why Trust Is a Practice, Not an Achievement: A Q&A with SBF’s Kera Haas

    Longevity with clients doesn’t happen without trust. Here are some tips on how to earn it.

  6. Here’s What Students Loved About SBF’s 2022 Summer Leadership Program

    Our annual daylong event was a great learning experience for accounting students and SBF employees alike.