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Welcome to our site and firm. Welcome to collaborative relationships and open doors. Welcome to a unique balance of “Big Four” experience plus boutique-level service, which equals zero compromises. Based in St Petersburg, Florida, we combine an intimate knowledge of what we do, with a genuine care for the people we work for and with, we stay down to earth while getting down to business. Your business.

Accounting Solutions

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“The improvement in the quality of our accounting records and processes has been remarkable.”

- Karim Hutson (Genesis Companies)

“If I need something explained, my accountants take the time to make sure I understand.”

- Scott Edinger (Edinger Consulting)

“We absolutely consider SBF one of the key factors leading to our success.”

- Susan Weech (General Utility Construction, Inc.)

Case Studies

The proof is in the performance.

General Utility Construction

General Utility Construction began operations in 2008 and manages construction services for telecommunications networks throughout the United States.

Genesis Companies

Genesis Companies is a full-service development and construction firm enhancing communities in New York and New Jersey.


We speak more than numbers.

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